Learn About Playas at Field Day in Anton

You are invited to attend a Playa Field Day presented by Ogallala Commons on Wednesday, September 28, from 9:30am to 1:30pm in Anton, Texas. The event will be held in the Church of Christ Annex at 401 Lawrence Street.

Participants will learn about playa ecosystems and improved monitoring of playa inundation using satellite imagery, as well as playa restoration programs such as the Texas Playa Conservation Initiative (TxPCI). After a provided lunch, participants will visit playa restoration projects located north of Anton. There will also be a tour of The Tap, an Ogallala Aquifer exhibit at At’l Do Farms in Shallowater, to conclude the event.

Playas are shallow, rain-fed wetlands throughout the Great Plains. When containing surface water, playas provide crucial habitat for many wildlife that depend on water to survive. When dry, playas also support several other Great Plains wildlife species because they are often the only natural lands in a region dominated by agricultural production. Playas also recharge water to the underlying aquifer, filter nutrients and chemicals from the surrounding watershed, and add recreational value to the region.

Registration for the event is $20 per person (which includes the cost of lunch). Register online or contact Darryl Birkenfeld, Ogallala Commons Director (darryl@ogallalacommons.org or 806-336-1713).